Welcome and Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, we hope you enjoy browsing through some of our favorite portraits of our client’s families, their children and our underwater art.

At Susan J Roche portraits

we believe that all people (children and adults) are special, important and beautiful.

Without exception.

I have alway known that portraits help people; children, teens, parents, grandparents and individuals. Portraits build self assurance and self esteem, say something about you, who you are, how you belong and most importantly how you are uniquely wonderful.

I grew up with seven siblings. My parents loved me yet I did not exist in pictures! Portraits of the three youngest siblings hung over the couch with the oldest on the living room walls. Somehow my brother and I, who were the middle kids & incredible cute, never had our portraits hung! Life was busy for my parents; I am sure they intended to have them made… it just did not happen.

My goal is to help all parents, and their kids, to create artwork they will love and feel special about.

Of course portraits create legacies for generations yet there is so much more that portraits do!

Portraits show family members that they are loved.  Portraits create bonds. Photo shoots and finished portrait products keep people connected. Portraits help family members become more confident. Portraits help to see past insecurities to know true beauty.

Portraits serves as a daily reminder, ‘you’ are loved.

You are incredible.  You have worth. You are beautiful.

For a role this important, only the finest print products will do. That is one of the things we do best at Susan J Roche portraits, is guide you to the perfect way to display your portraits.

Our hand crafted Albums and books, elegant Portfolio Boxes and timeless artwork are gorgeous because our clients allow us to create with them.

I cannot wait to help you decorate your home with  

Your life…  your family… as art.