Skin care

Skin care -wish it was part of my life earlier. As a teen- baby oil was to burn my skin so it would tan.oh the damage to make chest when I held a double side alum with aluminum foil to get the sun faster.

So exciting to bring in this amazing skin creams, cutical care, and sun protection!!

Beekman skincare line 

Beekman skincare line 

choosing happiness

It is not very ofter when something happens that has me feeling taken advantage of. It is not a good feeling.  It does not matter whether this happens professionally or personally.

The hard part is the feeling of what do I need to do to prevent this from happening again? Is there something that I need to change?

Then I remember, I always do my best.  What others do that have no reflection on who I am and what I do. Some people just are not going to ever be happy. There are people who are ugly, cheat, take from form others, etc, etc.

I can set up standards for my life, who I am and follow them.

This is best way I know to live is just choose happiness.